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TEMA: transceptor japones con tres "piedras" de silicio

transceptor japones con tres "piedras" de silicio 6 años 11 meses ago #2931

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En el siguiente enlace aparece un interesante esquema y una explicacion, traducida tal cual al ingles por una maquina...

?alguien se anima a reareglar el texto para q tenga sentido?

73 eduardo

articulo original (no se indica autor)

Share the circuit on both transmit and receive
DSB transceiver 28MHz 3 stone

Because it does not require a crystal filter, DSB transceiver on the circuit is simplified, You can communicate with the station SSB (USB, LSB) of it is possible. Therefore, my own amateur I think as a transceiver (telephone), that it is subject to a very good phone.

DSB transceiver configuration

Figure 3-6-1 shows the configuration of the 28MHz DSB transceiver with 3 stone.

By the solid line in the signal flow of the transmission system, receiving Shown by the dashed line the flow of communication system. SBM (single-balanced mixer) is received in a reversible manner as is being used as a modulator at the time of transmission I work as a detector of time. By sending a signal flow as opposed to high frequency amplification, detection, and low frequency amplifier, at the time of reception, such as the receiver You will. Transmission and reception because I replaced the switch and switch the input and output of AF and RF, transceiver Become.

Figure 3-6-2 shows the configuration of the machine.

Here, in the present application example 28 MHz, this same configuration You can make a transceiver 3.5 ~ 50MHz. However, for the transmission power is small, consider the practicality 50MHz is probably the most likely number of stations that can communicate with and. In addition, consider also be made ​​of 50MHz, I have put a number of 50MHz when the value in parentheses in the text.

● To use the Fixed Inductors VXO

To oscillate with a fundamental wave VXO crystal of 14.318 MHz (50.25 MHz), to multiply 2 (3) At the same time, 28.500 ~ Running the frequency up to 28.620MHz (50.150 ~ 50.209MHz). VXO to the coil, I used the inductor 8.2μH. Many amateur stations in Japan have come up approximately The frequency will be considered, I have this value from that range, which can run variable capacitor. In addition, fixed-Lee By the inductor, which eliminates the need for adjustment. Adjust the width of the band, decided to increase or decrease the RFC I decided to.

● to take on the role of SBM detector and modulator uses a coil 10S28 VXO output is injected into SBM. For the detection and modulation can be reversibly, SBM is, RF and AF signal Simply switching the input and output signal 4 circuit by a toggle switch, I can send and receive. In addition, 10S28 of high-frequency coil that is used to SBM, so you use it as a RF transformer, apply to other bands I use 10S28, regardless of whether or not to either. Please be careful.
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